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General Rules

Any new member is required to be sponsored by a current member in good standing. After completion of the application the new member will submit the application to the park office for consideration by the board of directors of the park. Upon approval your membership fees are due in full for the coming year and renewable, a year later, on the date you originally paid. Membership fees are non-refundable.

On standard 35 foot lots a 19-foot or under trailer (measured from tow tongue socket to back bumper) may be set up parallel to roadway or lakeside. A trailer over 19 feet must be set up perpendicular to the roadway or lakeside. Over 19 foot trailers may rent oversized campsites and sit parallel to the roadway or lakeside and the member may build permanent additions, for a different base rate. Maximum trailer length permitted in the park is 40 feet. No new to the park rv’s older than 15 years will be admitted into the campgrounds. All campers older than 15 years old need to leave park upon change of possession of the lot.  All new and old members with trailers or camping units must have initial positioning in any given campsite approved by management. Management must approve any construction project by new or old members on their campsite, before you start. All members must maintain a minimum of 16 feet between their trailer or buildings and their neighbor’s trailers or buildings. The maximum building height is 18 feet, for a frame roof over your RV or camper and 15 feet for porches. The maximum size of storage sheds is 10’ wide by 10’ long by 10’ tall.     

All construction projects performed by club members should remain portable.  Permanent fixtures and building structures (cabins, porches, decks, awnings, sheds and docks) of value to the park as determined by management become the property of the park upon eviction or membership discontinuation.  Club members are responsible for tear down and removal of any structure they cannot sell or pass on to another club member upon their membership discontinuation.   All floating docks shall be tagged with your name on it.  The barrels for the dock must be permanently strapped in place to avoid them coming out.  In the event a floating dock is sold and/or removed to another location, the “new owner” is responsible for complete removal of positioning/stabilization braces and/or pipes, from the shoreline or lake bottom.  Otherwise, the lessee is always responsible for keeping his shoreline safe. Steel drums are prohibited in floating dock construction.

Club members, in good standing, may option to sell, not lease, their permanent fixtures to new or old members, providing the new owners lease the campsite in which the permanent fixtures exist. Sellers should consult with management about the base rate of their campsite or any problems involved with the location of their permanent fixtures before a transaction occurs.

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Park Privileges

In addition to the ten regular skiing boat/jet ski privileges we have offered in the past, we offer six additional boating memberships. These memberships will be limited to weekday boating privileges only. You and your family will be able to use the skiing lake Monday thru Thursday dawn to dusk.  Friday dawn to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday after 6 p.m. Weekdays holidays are excluded. The cost for a weekday boating privilege will be $500.00 per season in addition to your regular camping fees. The skiing fees will be payable on or   before May 1st of each year. Regular membership fees are still due on the anniversary date on which you joined. All members on the weekday boating will be considered first on a regular boating privilege, should one become available.

The south lake will be used for pleasure craft and fishing craft only, with a speed limit of 6 miles per hour or lower if you create a wake.

The big lake will be used for water skiing. Fishing will be permitted from shore and the fisherman must not have his line out far enough to interfere with any skiing boat.

There will no swimming in the lakes known as the big lakes. All swimming will be confined to the swimming lake. An adult member of the camping club must supervise all swimming in the swimming lake.

All children under 5 years of age, swimming anywhere, must wear a life jacket.  Floating docks are prohibited in the swimming area.

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General Information

Personnel of Prairie Lane Lake Park will maintain the common grounds. Each club member is responsible for his/her campsite and must keep it free of bee’s nests, trash free and trimmed (including shorelines) at all times. Club members shall keep their campers and or structures in good repair, painted or stained and clean looking.   Cover tarps may be used for water leaks no longer than 4 weeks per structure.  Remove your camper or structure from the park if you do not want to repair it.  Park personnel will trim Campsites that are “Unsightly” (meaning high grass, scrub trees, weeds, and ivy, including your shoreline and trellises) due to negligence of the club member.  Starting January 1, 2013 if a campsite receives more than one trim letter (which is increasing from $65 to $75) in a given season they are automatically added to the park trim list.  We will do it ourselves at a cost of $150 per season.  The campsite will not be eligible to leave that list for a period of two years not including the year they get their second letter.  If you would like to take advantage of our trimming service by choice the cost is $150.00 per year payable to the park on or before April 1st of each year. Call the park office if you are interested.  Management reserves the right to remove any watercraft left in a mowing public area that has weeds growing around it creating an eyesore. When members are fishing for sport or otherwise, any fish caught and killed will either be taken from the premises by the member or disposed of in a trash container. Please do not throw fish out on the bank to die and rot. There are four (4) dumpsters located in the park for people to dump their trash from their campsite. If the dumpsters on the south lake are full, please take your trash and garbage to the dumpster at the pavilion. The dumpsters are provided on a seasonal basis April 1st thru November. You may dump garbage and trash during those months between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 7 days per week. They will be locked and unavailable at all other times. Please do not pile your garbage and trash on the ground outside of a full or locked dumpster. The dumpsters in the park are for the disposal of garbage from your campsite, not from your home.  Do not place your large furniture items or appliances around our dumpsters for disposal.  Dispose of them properly away from the park. Construction/alteration materials from your campsite must be disposed of at your expense.

Demolition Projects at your campsite requires management approval.  As a general rule, take your old camper or building out of the park for demolition.  Burning of your old campers, buildings, storage sheds, porches etc, or non-wood, flammable construction materials on site is strictly forbidden.    

Club members will have access to the toilet and washroom facilities of the prairie lane lake park clubroom.

The club or member may use all facilities of the clubroom providing that the clubroom is left in the same order in which it was found or better. There is a pavilion and picnic area that may be used during the week

(Monday through Friday) for free. Prairie Lane Lake Park reserves the right to rent the pavilion on Saturdays and Sundays at a fee to be set by the company. The facility can be used for large picnics or gatherings and the club members may use the facility during the week for no charge, providing they call for a reservation and the facility is not being used. Club members may also request a weekend rental. Please call for reservations or rental rates at the office, (330) 262-3322.

Club members may also call the above number or 330-465-6158, in case of a high profile weather event, for information regarding “state of the park.”

Members will use the drive marked Prairie Lane Park Club to enter and leave the area. Club members will not use the old entrance to the gravel plant. Club members are not allowed in any of the gravel plant areas.

Club members may not use their campsite area or any other area in the park for storage of cars and trucks.

No Semi-tractors or ANY big trucks are allowed to park in the campground.

Boats & Boat trailers temporary storage areas:

If there is no room close to where you are camping (beside your shed);    There are two open areas designated for a boat & boat trailer storage. One area is located NW of our Swim Pond.   The other area is a field west of the South Lake.  All boats & trailers should be tagged with your name for easy identification.

Please keep your stored boat trailer area trimmed.  Spare RV’s and campers, cars, trucks, haul trailers are prohibited in the boat trailer storage areas.  Utility trailers (any trailer used to haul) may not be stored at your campsite.  When you are done with your project, take it home or Rent space.  See management if you wish to RENT open storage space for these items.

Please keep vehicles off the grass area at your campsite when this can cause damage to the grass. Any damage done to the grassy areas through negligence will be repaired at the expense of the guilty party. No vegetable gardens are allowed in the park.

Club members are responsible for keeping their family members and guests away from the area of the gravel plant and primarily away from the piles of sand, gravel, and all the plant machinery and equipment. Absolutely no vehicles or pedestrian traffic will be permitted in these areas day or night. Trespassing in these posted areas will not be permitted. Tell your guests and kids.

No child 17 years or younger will be permitted to stay at the club area after 9:00 p.m. unless accompanied at all times by an adult club member, our curfew on loud or undue noise is 10:00 p.m. until 10:00 a.m. Going to and from your area is fine but joy riding and other loud and offensive noises will not be tolerated.

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Water & Electric

Electric water heaters outside of those that came with your camper are not allowed in the park.

No other electric vehicles besides golf carts are allowed in the park.  Club members with electric golf carts will be charged $85 per golf cart per season.

50 Amp campsites will be billed at the 50 amp price regardless of whether a club member is using 50 or 30 amps.

For those who have hooked up to the 30 amp electric outlets, there will be a charge of $135.00 per air conditioner per season, as long as it does not exceed your amperage service.  For 50 amp outlets the charge will be $270.00 per air conditioner per season. You will be permitted to run your air from June 15th to Sept-15th. We will enforce these dates. We will reserve the right to unplug camper’s electric if they leave the club area and allow their air conditioner to remain running. Do not make any changes to wiring in our electric boxes.

All club members with water and electric will be required to do one of the following procedures: (1) bury your water hose and electric cord leading from your hook-up pedestal to your trailer; or (2) put away your hose and cord after every visit to the park. Since we do mow through and around your campsite, it is essential that one of the two procedures be being done. Refrigerators outside your camper must be locked when you are not at your campsite.

Prairie Lane Lake Park will deny access to its electric service to anyone habitually (more than 2X) exceeding the rated capacities of its electric service.  We will not tolerate badly deteriorated power cords or wiring gone bad at your campsite.  Your service will be disconnected until suitable repairs are made.  In addition, electric at a campsite must be accessed through the pedestals we provide.  No direct connections (by-passing the breakers in the pedestal) to the electrical feed wires is permissible.

Any club member more than 60 days delinquent in paying their annual dues or any other fees associated with their campsite will be denied the use of the electric pedestal(s).  Management reserves the right to remove the S.O. cord from the electric box without warning.

No new lake water plumbing to your camper will be allowed.

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Waste Water Disposal

Club members connected to water must do one of the following:  (1) Have your on-board liquid wastes holding tanks emptied by a licensed septic service, (2) take your camper or motor coach directly to one of our dump stations for holding tank disposal or, (3) take your liquid wastes to one of our dump stations using a wheeled portable holding tank.

Management discourages the use of individual toilets on board campers. Use our porta-pots or clubhouse toilets.

No individual liquid waste holding tanks in the ground are allowed in the park.

An RV dump station is located on the main drive coming into the park beyond the dumpsters and at the west end of the south lake. This is for the dumping of RV holding tanks only. There is a sign posted at each dump station detailing instructions for its use. The dump station is not to be used for any washing of any vehicles. Please make sure to clean the area up after you use it for dumping your RV.

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Since we do allow animals in our camping area, please be sure that your animal stays in your area and does not roam into another campers’ area. If you cannot keep your animal in your camping area, confine it, keep it on a leash, or leave it at home. Do not allow your barking dog to disturb other campers around you. Leave it at home if you can’t control it. Club members shall immediately clean up animal fecal matter when it occurs. No pit bulls are allowed in the park.

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Speed Limit & Noise Control

A speed limit of 5 or 10 miles per hour is in effect on all roads used by members. This includes vehicles, cars, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles, which are being driven by members. All recreational type vehicles are to be ridden on the roads. Do not ride on mowed grassy areas. Do not ride on the beach at the swimming lakes.

Management will not allow loud, excessive sound level recreational vehicles in or around the campground. Complaints from fellow club members to management will be the deciding factor of what is “too loud.”

Please be aware that excessive noise levels can most of the time be controlled by conscientious operators.

Please make your kids aware of this.

Fireworks are prohibited in the park other than those that are club sponsored.

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Club Members & Guests

Criteria for immediate family club members (to come and go as they please) include: (1) children living in the home under the age of 19; (2) children 19 and over dependent solely on your income; (3) children attending school full time by your financial support; (4) spouse. You must be 21 years of age to qualify as a club member (lessee) of a campsite, unless management makes an exception.

“Guest” is defined as friends, a “significant other,” relatives, and children not considered club members by the management definition stated previously. A member’s guest will be limited to three visits, with the exception of significant others who may come and go as if club members, but subject to guest removal rights explained in the next paragraph. “Significant other” status will be assigned on a case-to-case basis to individuals only upon written approval of park management. Guests and significant others must follow these rules and regulations. The members are responsible for any guest or significant other they have in their area and the member is answerable for the actions of his/her guest or significant other. This includes any damage to Prairie Lane Lake property (especially water and electric pedestals) and park security gates. A member must be present at the time his/her guests (but not including significant others) are at the lake and the member’s camping area.

“Overnight Guests” visiting with a camper or RV must check in with park management. There are fees.

The club reserves the right to remove any guest or significant other at any time without cause and to notify you of any guest or significant other who is prohibited from entering club property. Club members who permit prohibited guests or prohibited significant others onto club property shall be in violation of these rules, and such prohibited persons shall be treated as trespassers. Any club member, guest or significant other removed or evicted from the prairie lane lake park shall not be permitted to return as a guest or otherwise and shall be treated as a trespasser.

Auxiliary Membership Rule – This is for immediate family members (not friends) who are not club members as defined in the park rules whom you wish to have at your campsite whether you are present or not.  To qualify you must be 18 years or older and pass the park screening process.  For individuals the price per year is $525.  For two or more of the same family members with children under the age of 18 the price will be $1050/year.  All auxiliary members must read and sign the park rules on an application.  Club members are ultimately responsible for the actions of his/her auxiliary members on park premises.

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All club members are expected to limit their catch of fish to 4 to 6 a week. Guest fishing is prohibited in the big ski lake, south lake and the swimming lake (with the exception of the smaller wading pond). Management has and will continue to stock these bodies of water with fish for the exclusive enjoyment of paying club members.  Management appeals to all club members to help enforce this rule; after all, they are your fish too. Guest fishing is permitted at no extra cost in any body of water or channel not connected to the prohibited areas providing a club member is present. If you have any question at all regarding guest fishing, please consult with management or one of the members of the board. Fishing by club members or their guests on Jennings ditch requires a fishing license by law. No fishing will be permitted in these areas.

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Membership Fees

Your club membership fees are due a year in advance and renewable on or before the anniversary date when you joined the club. A 30-day grace period exists for unforeseen circumstances (including ski boat privileges). If, after the 30-day grace period, the full payment has not been received management may start legal eviction procedures. Prairie Lane Lake Park reserves the right to reject any renewal by notifying you, verbally or in writing, that renewal will not occur and/or by returning your renewal fee within seven (7) days of its receipt of renewal fees. Management will make best efforts to notify you in advance of non-renewal, and in any event of non-renewal, you shall have fourteen (14) days from your notice of non-renewal or until your expiring contract anniversary date, whichever is later, to remove all of your belongings from the park.

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Recreational Vehicles

Only golf carts (max. tire size of 23”, 19” max. top of floor board to ground) are allowed to operate in the park.  NO 4 x 4’s are allowed.  A 10 mph governor is strongly advised.  Children under 13 years of age may not operate a golf cart without accompanying parental supervision

ATV 4 wheelers, 3 wheelers, dirt bikes, mini bikes, go-carts, scooters and dune buggies are NOT ALLOWED ANYWHERE IN THE PARK. 

Certain utility or ‘mule vehicles” could qualify if they are geared for LOW SPEED use. (under15 mph)

All recreational vehicles must be registered with management.  Proof of insurance is required. Make sure your recreational vehicle is covered for “ALL RISK”,   while operating in our park.  A minimum of $100,000 liability insurance must be carried annually for your golf cart/recreational vehicle.

Club members are allowed (2) golf carts per campsite.

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Intra Lake Travel

Management will allow, by pay permit, “watercraft” (fishing boats, canoes, paddleboats, and pontoon boats) to go from Ski Lake to the south lake and vice versa, using the new connecting channel, at no wake speed. There are time restrictions governing the new use of the ski lake by the above watercraft. The rules and regulations governing this new activity are as follows:

Club members must obtain a permit and a watercraft registration sticker from the park office, to navigate at

No Wake speed watercraft on the Ski Lake, new lagoon, or connecting channel. The South Lake remains “free access” at all club members who camp around it or others using the south lake boat ramp to come and go.

Permits will cost $200.00 per family per year. Any permit issued is revocable by management if a club member is neglectful of following these rules.

Watercraft other than ski boat members may navigate around the ski lake staying within 20 feet of shore from may 1 through Labor Day, 9:30 p.m. until noon. Watercraft other than ski boat members are never allowed more than 20 feet away from shore. People stopping to fish the ski lake from their boats may not do so from 9:00 a.m. to 12 p.m. In addition, on Tuesdays only, from May 1 to Labor Day, watercraft are permitted on the ski lake dawn ‘til dusk, providing a ski boat member is not using the ski lake. Between Labor Day and May 1st, watercraft other than ski boat members may be on the ski lake with unrestricted hours unless a ski boat member enters the water. In all cases, ski boat members have priority on the ski lake. It is up to all other watercraft to get off the ski lake or move to within 5 feet of shore when a ski boat enters the water. The ski boat members have agreed to exercise discretion of use during times of permitted watercraft use. However, in all cases, ski boat members have priority. Under no circumstances will any boater (s) put others sharing the ski lake in danger. Doing so will be grounds for termination of membership. Club members with campsites on the ski lake without a ski boat membership may go clockwise, hugging the shoreline with their watercraft to access the connecting channel area. To return to their campsite, members shall go counter-clockwise.

Sailboats are prohibited on the ski lake. Double decker pontoon boats are not permitted in the park for safety reasons. Operators of pontoon (party) boats should be extra aware of quiet hours, which are 10:00 p.m. until 10:00 a.m. daily. Navigation lights must be on from sunset to sunrise.

No club member shall stop his/her watercraft in front of someone’s campsite to fish, swim, or play anywhere on navigable park waters without permission.

Only watercraft may be used in the channel, not floating rafts or inner tubes.

Guests shall be accompanied at all times by a club member while pleasure boating.

Club members, with lakeside campsites, must have a long enough shoreline to accommodate a dock and boat. If you do not, you are limited to watercraft lightweight enough that can be pulled up and out of the lake by one person and stored at your campsite.

Any watercraft that does not fit into the lightweight category must have approval by park management before it is launched into park waters. The maximum overall length for any watercraft is 25 foot. Watercraft must go counterclockwise on the ski lake.

Any boat and trailer that has been in “other waters” must be decontaminated of zebra mussels.

No stopping your craft in the channel to swim, fish or play.

“No wake” speed applies to all watercraft cruising the south lake, channel, new lagoon, and Ski Lake.

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Teenager & Young Adult Rules

This park will not tolerate consumption of alcohol by persons less than 21 years old and will not tolerate drug abuse by any person in the park. Parents will be held accountable (to the degree of termination of membership) for the actions of their children and their children’s guests.

No person between the ages of 18 and 21 in the park shall have more than 2 guests at his/her campsite without parental supervision, day or night.

Persons 17 years of age and younger in the park must have parental or adult supervision to stay overnight.

All members and their guests, including children of club members and the children’s guests, shall conduct themselves in a manner not disruptive to other persons or neighboring campsites. Our 10:00 p.m. Curfew on loud or undue noise will be observed.

Failure to obey these rules, including modifications to the rules during your membership, will result in termination of membership, including terminating the family membership of the offender or the membership of the host family if the offender is a guest or significant other as defined in these rules.

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Hunting & Trapping

Hunting is allowed in a designated area only and by reservation only. Call the office for details. No club member will be permitted to bear firearms in the proximity of the campground living areas. Trapping for fur bearing animals in the water is allowed by pay permit. Call the office for details.

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Lost & Found

Please check with the park office prior to reporting missing items to the sheriff’s department.

Board of Directors

Five club members are designated by management to serve three year terms or more to comprise an advisory governing board to assist management in operation of the park. Their duties include:

  1. Assisting a club member with advice of physical action concerning a major complaint in the park. (all club members are expected to work out minor complaints among themselves.)
  2. Conferring with management on the eviction of a problem club member or banishment from the park of problem individuals.
  3. Screening new applicants for acceptance or rejection of their membership application.

Prairie Lane Lake Park is committed to providing a healthy family atmosphere for all members. Park members agree to refrain from flamboyant or lewd public displays of affection, public nudity, or pedophilia. Park members additionally agree that they are not involved in current drug or alcohol abuse, other abuse or any other criminal activity. Members violating this policy agree that their involvement in such behaviors, in or out of the park, shall result in termination of their park membership without refund or any advance payment to the park.

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The all weather shuffleboard court exists mainly for the use of the club members. Other persons who may use this shuffleboard court are those renting the pavilion for an afternoon and/or evening. Groups who have rented the pavilion and the shuffleboard court shall have exclusive playing rights on the shuffleboard court during their stay. Signs may be posted at the court to designate availability.

Shuffleboard cue sticks and discs are available to members of the park during our business hours. The shuffleboard equipment will be contained in a locked locker at the shuffleboard court. See Bob for availability and hours of usage, after requesting the use of the shuffleboard equipment and court you will be instructed on the proper usage and how to return the equipment. In the case of cues or discs being lost, stolen, or damaged, you will be charged a replacement fee of $20.00 for any cues and $10.00 for discs plus any shipping and handling charges.

Failure to obey these rules will result in termination of membership, including terminating the family membership of the offender or the membership of the host family if the offender is a guest or significant other as defined in these rules.

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 Campsites 389 Through 448

  1. You must use plywood on the approach to the concrete pad when moving your Camper on or off to avoid cracking the concrete.
  2. Due to the narrowing of some parts of the road, please park your vehicles in such a way so two-way traffic is not impeded.
  3. There can be no buried containers for gray water or septic waste. Arrangements must be made with Prairie Lane or a licensed Septic Service for removal of gray water or septic waste.  Members may elect to use either one of our two dump stations, for disposing of their on board holding tank contents.
  4. There will be a designated boat parking area.

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Maintenance of Lot

Upon becoming a Member of Prairie Lane, you agree to accept your Lot as is.  It is the Member’s sole responsibility to maintain the Member’s Lot, including with respect to vegetation weeds, plants, shrubs, and trees (hereinafter “Vegetation”).  Such maintenance includes, but is not limited to, removing any unsightly weeds, trimming shrubs and trees, removing any dead or unsightly shrubs, and removing any dead or dying tree limbs located on or overhanging the Member’s Lot.  Each Member is responsible for trimming and removing Vegetation that may pose a danger to other persons or may cause damage to physical property.

Damages Caused by Falling Vegetation

You assume complete and absolute responsibility for any damages to any persons injured or property damaged as a result of your failure to maintain the grounds and Vegetation of your Lot.  It is recommended that you maintain insurance to cover any private property located on your lot.  You agree to release Prairie Lane and covenant not to sue Prairie Lane for any damages, including, but not limited to, personal injury or property damage, resulting from your failure to maintain your Lot.

Prairie Lane Reserves the Right to Remove or Trim any Vegetation

Regardless of any contractual rights granted to Members herein, Prairie Lane reserves the right, at all times, to trim or remove any Vegetation on any lot or that, in Prairie Lane’s sole discretion, (1) poses a danger to its Members, Guests or Employees; (2) may cause substantial property damage; (3) is required to be trimmed or removed under the law; or (4) is unsightly.  If Prairie Lane exercises its rights under this provision, it may, at its unilateral option, charge the appropriate Member or Members for the trimming or removal of said Vegetation.

Tree Removal

Unless an emergency exists that may cause substantial property damage or serious bodily harm, Members are not permitted to cut down or remove any trees in the Park, including but not limited to trees located on a Member’s Lot, without first obtaining written permission from Prairie Lane.  In the event of an emergency or where Prairie Lane has given written permission to cut down a tree, the Member shall do so at the Member’s cost by hiring a licensed and bonded contractor, without contribution or reimbursement from Prairie Lane, and the Member agrees to indemnify and hold Prairie Lane harmless from any damages or losses that arise from the Member’s removal of such tree.

Grounded Limbs from Storm Damage

Prairie Lane will, at its cost, cut and remove any severed tree limbs lying completely on the ground as a result of any storm.  A reasonable time frame will be determined by management.

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